About us and our products

Radical Rubber was established in 2007 and has been developed in association with Libidex Ltd, one of the leading names in fetish fashion.  Libidex has 25 years’ experience within the fetish fashion industry, and understands the needs of fashion designers and makers.

We are innovative and creative, and constantly developing new colours and ideas in latex sheeting.  Our goal is to promote latex clothing making and spread our enthusiasm for latex to as many people as possible.

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your latex fashion manufacturing needs, and offer a range of additional products and services to complement our latex sheeting.

Our Natural Latex Sheeting

Our Natural Latex sheeting is made from pure natural latex and is free from silicone and other additives.  It is manufactured with a glossy upside and roughened underside to ensure a high-quality finish and good key for sticking.  Our latex sheeting offers excellent bonding properties and works with any standard latex glue.  It has been laboratory tested to ensure compliance with medical standard requirements, and matches or exceeds the specifications required for the fashion industry.

Manufactured in Malaysia

Our rubber is manufactured in Malaysia, widely regarded for producing the best rubber in the world.  ‘Standard Malaysian Rubber' is a term used by chemists & professional bodies to refer to the best quality benchmark for all technically-specified rubbers.  

We worked over two years to develop Radical Rubber, in collaboration with our partners, industrial technical consultants, and a ‘focus group' of independent latex garment makers, with the aim of matching the quality that makers and wearers have become accustomed to.

Quality assured

Our factory has been accredited to ISO quality assurance standards. Our tests, both with organic chemists in the lab and active hobbyists at home and at play, have shown us that in all practical respects, Radical Rubber is safe and of high standard quality.


We supply latex in approximately 1 metre wide rolls with up to 10 metres in a continuous length. There is no minimum order, but for quantities less than 5 metres per colour, we make a surcharge of 50%. This is to cover the time involved in preparing small orders, and because it creates part-rolls which are hard to sell.

Radical Rubber is manufactured in metric thicknesses. The ‘Imperial’ equivalents (inches) are given in the table below.


















*(metric gauges are slightly thicker than the equivalent Imperial gauge)


Prices quoted are exclusive of UK VAT (Sales Tax) which will be added at the prevailing rate to orders from non-VAT registered customers in the UK and the rest of the EU. VAT is not payable on orders from EU registered companies or from anyone outside the EU.

Colour variations

Latex is a natural substance, and factors such as the freshness of the liquid latex and the thickness of the sheeting can affect the final colour of the latex, so please be advised that there may be some variations between batches.


All Radical Rubber sheeting is leached to remove the substances which can cause allergic reactions. However, residual proteins and chemicals in natural latex may cause an allergic reaction in a very small number of people. If you are susceptible to allergies caused by latex, you are advised not to come into contact with this product.


Additional Products and Services

We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your latex fashion manufacturing needs, and offer a range of additional products and services to complement our latex sheeting.

Polish, Glue and Cleaner

Radical Rubber manufactures its own polish, glue and cleaner for sheet latex. 

Our Radicalglue adhesive is a white, water and latex-based adhesive which works extremely well with Radical Rubber sheeting.
Since the glue is latex and water rather than solvent based Radicalglue is SUITABLE FOR EXPORT - so we are able to ship it to anywhere in the world!

Our polishes, Radicalshine White and Blue, are not only very effective in removing talc and marks on latex, but produce a wonderful long-lasting shine. The Radicalshine Blue is our customer's favourite as it's quick-dry and requires less of your time... polishing!

We also manufacture thinners - RadicalCleaner - for cleaning seams prior to sticking; and our own solvent based glue RadicalBond, which provides excellent adhesion for Radical Rubber.

Products 500 ml* 5 litres*
Radicalshine White £7.50 £19.50
Radicalshine Blue £11.50 £39.90
Radicalglue (water based) £11.95 £45.00
Radicalbond (solvent based)** £14.95 N/A
Radicalcleaner (thinners)** £16.95 N/A

*prices excluding VAT

**available on our online shop to UK customers from December 2021

Strips and Trim

We supply ready-cut strips and trim in a range of colours - saving you the time and trouble of making your own trim! Widths available will be 0.5cm, 0.7cm, 1.0cm and 2.0cm. To order please click here

Garment Labels & Logos

Your own customised logos and labels can be printed on latex rolls 15 cm wide and up to 30 metres in length, and can be printed one colour on a choice of coloured latex sheet. The minimum order is 30 metres. To order, please e-mail us your requirements. You will find details of prices and technical data by clicking here.

Latex Starter Kits

Like to learn how to make your own latex garments? Or like to do your garment repairs yourself? Or maybe you just want to know how to cut and stick latex for arts and crafts? Then our Latex Starter Kits are just the thing for you. Click here for more information.


Latex Swatches

Sets of swatches containing all our colours and gauges are available at £10.00 - p&p and/or UK VAT will be added at the prevailing rate if applicable.